The amazing part of the three elements - The iBand+

The band, which is the major component is a mini EEG machine! This alone is a remarkable piece of engineering, but that is not all this wearable does - and can do.

EEG - reads your mind!

EEG stands for electroencephalogram. Those of us that have not had an EEG test performed on us might not be aware of what it does. The EEG measures our brain’s electrical activity and creates charts which display that activity.

Hospitals use large EEGs - almost full caps - that have many electrodes placed around the ‘cap’ to measure more activity than the iBand+ does. The principle is the same, however. While hospitals are looking for evidence of many neurological issues that a patient may have, the iBand+ focuses on just two issues - are you asleep, and what kind of sleep “state” are you in.

“Kind of sleep” is important

To access your memories being replayed while you sleep, it is important to focus on when they are replayed - and that is during your Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep state. REM sleep has been proven to contain and replay ‘episodic’ - or daily memories.

Scientists aren't quite sure why this happens, but they know what is happening. (More on REM later)

The wave forms generated during REM are dramatically different from the wave forms of other sleep states. Because of this, the iBand+ detects when you are in REM, where your most realistic - and traumatic - dreams occur.

Now it’s time to go to work!

The iBand+ senses when you are in the REM sleep state and now it wakes you very slightly - so you stay in this dream state - but at the same time you become conscious you are dreaming. You can consciously modify the dream if you wish!

This is the real magic of the whole iBand+PTSD Edition experience! To enter into your most lucid, realistic, full color dreams while being aware that it is just a dream - is pretty incredible. For PTSD sufferers, it is also a way to get to the core of the traumatic memories. To modify these dreams during REM, the memories become less emotionally upsetting and under control.

How the iBand+ alerts you while you are asleep is very clever! First, it has small LED lights on the underside of the unit - directly above your eyes. These lights begin to pulse gently, which you begin to notice in your dream. This alerts you to your dream state, but that is not all. The second thing is the iBand+ does is begin to play your music playlist softly through the speakers that are placed under your pillow.

The pulsing LED lights and the music alert you, and set the stage for you to now do the most important thing - consciously take your dream in a positive and uplifting direction-and not endure the traumatic memories with no control. 


Now it’s your turn!

Working with your PTSD counselor/therapist and with some or the training tips included in our literature, you now gain control of your lucid dreams, not the other way around! There is a great deal of scientific proof (see our science paper compilation) that confirms two very important facts which are relevant to PTSD treatment.

First - REM sleep is one of the core elements in PTSD - both while sleeping and WAKING. There is even evidence that biological changes take place during waking times after REM reliving of traumatic memories. And second, by manipulating traumatic event memories to separate the emotion from the memory, it is possible that the memory can be “filed away” like all your other memories, because the emotional component has been lessened.

Think of it as working within the components of your memory data and ensuring that troubling memories are diminished to data that can be stored like other data in your brain. With less of an emotional aspect to the memories, you are able to move on.

The iBand+ is a training and treatment aid

As you can see, the real work is done by you while you sleep and with your therapist during sessions. This is where where you strategize how best to maximize the time spent together and the time you do your homework - while you sleep!

Be sure to read the longer document filed under Science in this web that has many links to research studies in neuroscience, sleep, REM, and more that apply to PTSD.




15 oz

Product size

One size fits most


Micro USB Charging




Dry EEG no gel no preparation


soft breathable comfort


choose color

body movement

3D accelerometer

Heart monitor

optical sensor

Body Temperature

direct touch sensor with ADC

Bluetooth range

10m/ 33ft



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