Introducing the iBand+

The ticket to your dreams.

1. The Band


It's an EEG you wear to bed! It reads your sleep state and when you are in the REM state it wakes you only slightly so you can manage the dream you are in! Yes - you are conscious in your dream!


2. The App

The app will work on your Apple or Android smartphone. It controls the iBand+ and the speakers and records your REM sleep brain waves. It helps both you and your therapist... and can assign you your "homework." Very cool!


3. The Speakers


Stereo music under your pillow starts to play your playlist when you are in the REM sleep mode. This alerts you to the lucid dream state so you can enter the dream in a conscious state - taking control. The speakers are quiet enough so only you will hear the music and not disturb other sleepers.

Why the iBand+ is an important addition to trauma therapy

The iBand+ is a positive addition tor the therapist and the client who sufferers from PTSD. The videos above in the video channel explain how and why. More information is also available by rolling over the photos below.
The therapist
The sufferer

Want to know more? Just download our book - it's free

Dream management and the iBand+ is written specifically to explain how the iBand+ can influence your dreams and memories. It's a free download in the Kindle format (mobi). You will receive instructions how to add the book to your kindle library along with the book in the email we send you. Just fill out the form below.

The book contains useful information about REM sleep, research projects, dreams, lucid dreams, memories (including traumatic ones), helpful resources (including agencies) and current therapies for trauma.

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