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The speakers

An additional amazing part of the three elements

Pillow speakers:

The newest concept in audio experiences - music in your pillow! These speakers are designed to provide you superior auditory quality while in bed. They are placed inside your pillowcase under your pillow.

iBand+ pillow speakers are compact and slim. Their cover is made of anti-slip fabric to hold them in place. The speakers have 35ohm impedance and come with standard 3.5mm headphone jack for connection to your smartphone on your nightstand. Up to 65dB SPL (sound pressure level) - which is a comfortable level for listening to in bed.

Forward facing iBand+ pillow speakers are designed with an elevated side wall ensuring the sound gets evenly distributed throughout the pillow surface without leaking out of the pillow. This provides you with discreet and superior sound while in bed, but without disturbing your partner!

The measure of volume at the active pillow and the non active (no speakers) showed that the sound level of the active pillow was about 60dB (sound intensity comparable to that of a normal conversation).

The measurement of the other pillow without the speakers shows the ambient sound level of about 39dB (sound intensity of an average quite bedroom). The sound emitted by the pillow speakers from the right-side pillow cannot be heard near the left-side pillow! This alone is quite a technical breakthrough!

By combining these intelligent speakers with the LED lights on the iBand+ and the app you can control your degree of conscious awareness of the dreams during your REM sleep state. These allow you to engage your memories and modify them for your benefit!

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