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Dark dreams are the core of PTSD

More than anyone, you know the dark memories which are one of the core symptoms of PTSD. What you may not know is how successful therapists are helping you control your dreams and the traumatic reoccurring memories they often contain.


Fact: Therapy works and will work for you.


About the iBand: Your most VIVID dreams occur during your REM sleep state. There is another way to dream called LUCID DREAMING which is when you consciously ENTER your dreams and alter them in any way you consciously want. 


Only problem: Except for a very few, we don’t know how to dream LUCIDLY. The iBand+ solves this problem by gently alerting you to this special dream state so you can consciously enter your dream and modify it. However - the iBand+ just “gets you there” and does nothing about what you do once you enter your traumatic dreams. That’s why you should be sure to contact a local therapist to have guidance within this newly discovered area of dreaming. Find a nearby therapist by clicking here.


Therapists ensure the best outcome to quiet your sleep and waking PTSD symptoms. The iBand+ is just a brilliant new tool to allow you and your therapist to get to the core of your discomfort and quiet the memories.

To learn more, please download the free book Dream Management and the iBand+ a new Addition to PTSD Therapy.

There is a form on the web site main page to get your free book - just hit the "back" button below.

A final note of caution - because lucid dreaming and memory management is relatively new, we highly recommend you enlist a therapist who has a background and understanding of not only this new field, but your personal traumatic history. If you don't currently have a therapist, please take a moment to find one by clicking the link above. Every team needs a coach.

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