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The brainy part of the three elements

The band is the element that very subtly and cleverly alerts you to your REM sleep state. The apps on your Apple or Android smartphone now come into play in a big way! Once the iBand+ detects the EEG wave signals REM sleep, it starts the LED lights and music.

The apps do many things. As time goes on, the software will be updated to add additional functionality to make the iBand+ even better. For now, the app controls the total system so you can set it to your personal taste. It allows you to choose “Lucid Dreaming” (where you will set it for PTSD training), sleep improvement, or smart alarm(s).

The app displays your daily health and sleep information in an easily interpretable format with graphs, ratings, dream phases, quality of sleep, heart rate etc. The app makes it easy to share this with your counselor - to keep them up to date on your homework and progress.

Historical data on your sleep state and health is also easily accessible, and presented in a clear format.

Additionally, the app will allow you to choose smart alarms, LED patterns, brightness and audio cues from the pre-loaded tracks, or the ones in your music library.

PTSD specific options are for training and overcoming the excessive emotional attachment to the traumatic dreams. The iBand+ allows for pre-sleep mind training. Think of it as sleep meditation. These training aids help you prepare for sleep, and for what you will encounter during the lucid dream state. This time you meditate will be tracked by the EEG sensors to allow you and your counselor to view your pre-sleep training. A valuable aid to controlling your dreams.

There will be other features, like “morning after” notes (either texted or recorded audio) that are attached to the previous night’s EEG. This is a great way to keep your therapist up to date on your homework and progress.




v OS or later


v12 or later


Free from the app stores

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