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You’re the solution, and the iBand+ an incredible tool for you and your trauma clients.

Every peer reviewed article concerning trauma and memories points to therapy as the solution for trauma–and that’s no surprise. Historically, prolonged exposure (PE) in one form or another under the direction of a therapist has been the most successful treatment for PTSD. 


We do not suggest replacing that success, but enhancing it. The iBand+ will allow clients to enter troubling dreams and memories while they are in the REM sleep mode; however what they do once in this conscious/unconscious state is for you to direct…to coach.


The iBand+ can become part of your office practice sessions and your homework assignments. Because your clients will be conscious in their dreams, they will also have more to report at your next session.


We encourage you to purchase your own iBand+ and see for yourself its powerful potential as a therapeutic aid. We also encourage you to join our community, where we will share experiences specific to therapy for trauma.


And finally, if you wish to add the iBand+ to your practice, we have a client marketing package for you, and special iBand+ pricing if you’re interested in selling the iBand+ to your clients. Send us a note to get the conversation started.


We hope the iBand+ is a technology that will be helpful for you and your clients.

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